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Are your business emails going nowhere?


Does your newsletter take the approach of “ umm, no news is… good news?’


Are you looking for a fun and organised business copywriter to take the pain out of:

– Award applications

– Ads

– Feature articles

– Videos scripts

– Marketing and sales content

– Let’s be honest …. most of the painful

writing bits for your business.

I’m here to save you from being keyboard tongue-tied.

As a business copywriter, I help brands like yours with SEO-friendly words. Copywriting that’s on task and to the point, all in a conversational fun style.

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Do you need some copywriting magic for:

      • Newsletters
      • Advertisements
      • Feature articles
      • Video scripts
      • Emails
      • Award entries
      • Press releases
      • Sales and marketing content and copy?

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Australian Copywriter Mariska Threadgold

G’day. I’m Mariska Threadgold

A vibrant, inquisitive, travel-loving Australian SEO copywriter specialising in putting tourism, 4WD, camping, food/wine and fun-loving brands on the map.

I'll use inspirational, Google-friendly, playful writing to get you discovered and turn browsers into buyers and loyal fans.

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Conversation and storytelling leads to connection.

Connection leads to trust, loyalty and conversion.

Your brand’s writing style should appeal directly to the people you’re seeking. ‘Chatting’ with your audience and taking them on a journey with storytelling connects your brand with your ideal clients. It also helps send a clear message to the people you don’t want to attract, saving you time and money on the wrong fit.

I’m a professional and fun business copywriter. As well as blogs and website copywriting, I can also craft your other business marketing and content needs.

Contact me to discuss what you are looking for. Let’s start the journey to your ideal client.

Your voice. Your message.

It’s time to copywrite right.


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You took the judges on a thrilling ride throughout… tantalizing, emotive and inclusive.

(Judge/s written feedback from the 2021 South Australia Tourism Award Application)

Such a great introduction and storytelling of the experience. You took the judges on a thrilling ride throughout, and I feel like I have genuinely experienced Bendleby!

Overall, a faultless opening, tantalizing, emotive and inclusive – well done.  Excellent introduction – top marks.

Thank you, your submission, it was truly a stunning read, so well laid out, great use of tables and loved that many of your statements were quantified.

The emotive and gorgeous images provided throughout the submission, further sold the professionalism of the document. Loved it

Secret Judge/s

Award Application Judge, On behalf of Tourism Industry Council of South Australia